Pest Control Tips

Tips For Keeping Pests at Bay

  • Hygiene and pest control work hand-in-hand. Keeping living and eating areas clean can hinder the speed at which pest populations grow.
  • Keep food preparation areas free of crumbs, spills and grease.
  • Keep shrubs, vines and large bushes trimmed to limit breeding areas for rodents and spiders.
  • Keep refuse bin lids closed.
  • Do not allow trash and debris to accumulate. This may attract rodents, snakes and other pests.
  • Do not leave bird seed or pet food out unnecessarily overnight as this is a perfect source of food for rodents.
  • Ensure braai wood and firewood is stacked off the ground.
  • Carefully inspect new furniture, boxes, fruit and other items brought into your home for evidence of pests.


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The Dangers Pests Bring:

Living in a hygienic environment and minimizing exposure to unwanted pests can greatly reduce risk of contracting infectious diseases, and potentially, save lives!
For instance, the lives of twenty-five million Europeans during the Late Middle Ages were claimed by fleas hat had spread the bubonic plague. They managed this feat by using another pest as a host –rats! Modern improvements on hygiene, sanitation and pest control have dramatically reduced the impact of this disease.

Another more common disease brought on by insects is Lyme Disease This disease is carried by the deer tick in the form of a bacterium called Borrelia bugdorferi. If a deer tick bites you, the bacterium enters the bloodstream and will lead to skin rash and in extreme cases, paralysis. When caught early, antibiotics can eliminate the bacteria before it causes furthermore harm.Mosquitoes in particular can carry a host of diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, pogosta disease, and West nile virus. They carry similar traits in that when infected, a person will experience a fever indicating that more serious effects are on the way such as meningitis or arthritis. All these diseases can lead to death if not caught or treated properly.

For some of these diseases, the best form of prevention is pest management. Value Pest Control provides solutions to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in and around your home or work environment.
If you come in contact with a pest and feel you may have been exposed to a disease, be sure to immediately seek medical attention. Many of these diseases, as well as others such as malaria or rabies can be treated when caught early.