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Finding a reliable pest control company you can trust to get the results you need at affordable rates is challenging. VALUE PEST CONTROL is owner run and service orientated. Committed to keeping your family and pets safe and your home pest free. Safety is our priority. Satisfaction is our goal. Your recommendation is our Success!



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Ants are social insects that make their way around the home via pheromone trails. They are considered nuisance pests that carry bacteria that can contaminate food and litter your home with sandy nests as they build their colonies. Our safe, non-toxic methods are convenient and effective.

Tired of the mess? Let Value Pest Control take care of it.


Rodents are a nasty pest to have scratching around your home. Their teeth can gnaw through insulation, wallboards, card board, wood, electrical wiring and can cause irreparable damage to cars and structures. Not to mention the bacteria they spread with their urine and droppings.

If you think you have a rodent infestation, give value pest control a call.


Cockroaches are known for picking up the pathogens and bacteria from filthy environments on their legs and bodies, and spreading those pathogens directly to our foods and other surfaces on which they walk, which can lead to various illnesses and allergic reactions, and trigger asthma attacks. They are fast, sneaky and great at hide and seek. Our safe, non-toxic methods are convenient and effective.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are flat, oval shaped, reddish coloured parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals and are mainly active at night. They prefer a cosy environment and are mainly active at night– warm houses and especially near or inside beds and bedding or other sleep areas. We’ll get you back to sleeping tight, so the bed bugs won’t bite.


Fleas are parasites that feed on blood, with preference to animals over humans. These tiny creatures that resemble “little black dots” can jump over 30cm high at a time and hide well in blankets, sand and carpeting. If you think you may have a flea infestation, start by checking your pets fur and bedding. Don’t wait to get your pest and your home safely treated.

Flying Insects

Mosquitos and Flies are two main flying pests that bother most during the summertime. Mosquitos may be found breeding in pools of standing water, and flies may be found in and around standing, decomposing matter. Keep your environment clear to avoid infestations, or call Value Pest Control for safe, effective solutions to these and other flying insects.

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– Pest Control Tips –

Tips For Keeping Pests at Bay
• Hygiene and pest control work hand-in-hand. Keeping living and eating areas clean can hinder the speed at which pest populations grow.
• Keep food preparation areas free of crumbs, spills and grease.
• Keep shrubs, vines and large bushes trimmed to limit breeding areas for rodents and spiders.
• Keep refuse bin lids closed.
• Do not allow trash and debris to accumulate. This may attract rodents, snakes and other pests.
• Do not leave bird seed or pet food out unnecessarily overnight as this is a perfect source of food for rodents.
• Ensure braai wood and firewood is stacked off the ground.
• Carefully inspect new furniture, boxes, fruit and other items brought into your home for evidence of pests.

Mice are small, discreet creatures that can enter into your home through an opening as small as ¼-inch, and tend to get comfy lower down to the ground, nesting in drawers, shoeboxes, storage boxes, under cabinets and other areas that are seldom accessed. Rats are larger, more social creatures that can often be seen roaming the garden, travelling across walls and heard as noisy soccer teams in your roof. Once inside mice and rats reproduce quickly. In no time you could be fighting a full-on infestation. Don’t delay – Eradicate today!

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